The Huck® Fastener Range
LockBolts® and Structural Blind Fasteners from Star Fasteners

Huck’s unique fastening systems date back over 70 years. The original Huck fastener was designed to solve problems due to extreme vibration between joined materials. The Huck Lockbolt, based on Lou Hucks’ original design, provides high stability and facilitates lightweight, stronger and more durable structures. Hucks’ ever evolving Lockbolt and structural fastener capabilities are helping users solve problems in applications – no torque, easier evaluation, maintenance free and high corrosion standards are some of the benefits of using the Huck fastener product range.

Huck fasteners are critical components use within wide range of industries
These include, aerospace, automotive, road transportation, bridge building, buildings and construction, defence and security, electronics and appliances, industrial equipment, agriculture and heavy equipment, marine, medical, oil and gas, energy, mining and screens as well as the rail market. For more market information click the link to Huck Markets Resources: - Huck Markets Brochure

The Huck LockBolt Range

A Huck LockBolt is a two-piece fastener that consists of a hardened metal pin and a metal collar that swages into the grooves of the pin, forming a specific, measured clamp force to hold assembled parts together.

This direct metal-to-metal contact of the collar swaged into the grooves of the pin eliminates the loosening effects of transverse vibration.
The Huck LockBolt range includes C6L®, C120L®, C50L®, BobTail®, Hucktainer® and Encapsulated Hucktainer® (colour matched to any colour of your choice), and Magna-Grip®.

Huck BobTail
Representing the most advanced fastening technology to date, the BobTail delivers the highest level of performance and reliability. Engineered to meet the challenges of a wide range of assembly applications, BobTail offers safe, quiet, swaged-on installation technology in a unique, pintail-less design. Available in an assortment of sizes, in both Grade 5 and Grade 8. BobTail offers 5 times the fatigue strength of conventional nuts and bolts and unmatched installation speed – often under 2 seconds per fastener. Its unique no-break-off pintail offers the highest corrosion resistance in its class, while advanced, low-swage technology enables installation with lightweight, ergonomic tools. When you factor in the cost of fasteners with installation and inspection labour, BobTail often provides an overall lower installed cost.

For more information about the Huck BobTail click here

Huck C6L
Where a strong vibration resistant joint is critical you cannot go wrong with a Huck C6L, the original HuckBolt manufactured by Huck over half a century ago. The C6L’s exclusive locking six groove design ensures a secure permanent fit that resists loosening. Once the collar swage is complete, the pin tail breaks off and the fastener is completely installed. There is no rework required and you can count on consistent, highly uniform clamp force with every C6L installation. A quick visual inspection along with an occasional dimension check is all that’s needed to make sure it has been fully installed.

The C6L is a high strength pin and collar (two piece) fastener. It easy to install and is more durable than welding, adhesives, or conventional threaded fastening systems. As well as offering superior fastening performance, the C6L system reduces labour and installation costs, along with rework and warranty expenses. Using the C6L eliminates the need for certified welders or specially trained employees, workers can be shown how to easily install these fasteners in a matter of minutes.
Download the C6L data sheets here: -
For more information about the Huck C6L Brasier Head click here
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Hucktainer J63 Plating and Encapsulated Head
The Hucktainer fastener consistently provides proven joint strength, vibration resistance and overall durability. It has been uniquely engineered for use in structures fabricated from fibreglass reinforced plywood, metal-clad polymer core panels and other reinforced panel structures. Because Hucktainer has been designed to distribute force over a wide area, it will not crush, craze or bull-nose composite panels.

For more information about the Huck J63 Hucktainer click here

The growing trend towards light-weighting, the increased use of composite panel and also technological improvements in the commercial vehicle market has seen innovation in design. With this in mind Star Fasteners have brought to the market a coloured encapsulated Hucktainer.
Download Encapsulated Hucktainer data sheet here

Huck C50L
Offers superior vibration resistance and overall durability for heavy-duty fastening jobs and is ideal for use within applications where consistent, uniform high clamp force is required.  Testing has proven that C50L fasteners meet, or exceed the performance or torqued bolts in both shear and tensile strength, as well as fatigue life. For applications ranging from railcar to mining equipment manufacturing, the C50L is the strong, reliable choice. Huck BobTail provides the next-generation alternative to C50L.

Download the C50L data sheets here: -
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Huck Magna-Grip
In applications where a wide grip range is required and a flush bolt break to the collar is beneficial, Huck Magna-Grip is the ideal fastener for the job. Like all Huck engineered fasteners, Magna-Grip offers the highest level of vibration-resistance possible. Magna-Grip installs reliably, and consistently provides high, uniform installed values.

Download the Magna-Grip data sheets here: -
Magna-Grip Broad Truss Head click here
Magna-Grip Button Head click here

Magna-Grip Countersunk Head click here
Magna-Grip Rivet Head click here
Magna-Grip Truss Head click here

The Huck Structural Fasteners Range

Huck structural blind (one-piece) fasteners are available in a variety of materials and sizes. Similar to HuckBolts, these advanced fasteners are also installed using a direct tension swaging technique. And like the installation of HuckBolts, this process provides for both a fast and secure installation. Similarly, a quick visual inspection is all that is required to confirm their proper installation, adding to the speed of assembly associated with these advanced fasteners.
The shear strength of structural blind fasteners is generated by the combined resistance against failure of the pin and sleeve. This takes place along the joint’s shear line between fastened plates.
The tensile strength of structural blind fasteners differs to that of LockBolts, as they form a blind side positive lock either by bulbing or expanding of the sleeve. The sleeve, assisted by the permanently secured pin, therefore resists failure along its centre line.
• Bulbing - The sleeve of the fastener is compressed, causing it to fold outwards to form a bulb. This forms itself tightly against the joint material. Once the pin is permanently locked into place the pintail will break off, completing the installation.
• Expanding - Pulling on the pintail causes the head of the pin to draw into the sleeve. This expansion causes a foot print to form against the joint material.
The Huck blind fasteners range includes Auto-Bulb®, BOM®, FloorTight®, HuckLok®, Magna-Bulb®, Magna-Lok®, Magna-Lok MX®, Magna-Tite®, and Penta-Lok™.

Huck Auto-Bulb
The perfect solution; it’s designed with an easy-to-use lead-in point, which means fast, reliable installation. It works by clamping the joint with a broad, blind side bulb, which makes it a good choice for use within thin materials, and within oversized, misaligned, or slotted holes. Unlike other bulbing blind fasteners, Auto-Bulb’s unique bulbing system creates superior blind side bearing strength. Auto-Bulb is available in both steel and 400 stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

Download the Auto-Bulb data sheet here

Huck BOM
The highest strength Blind Oversize Fastener in the world. So strong, one BOM (Blind, Oversized Mechanically locked) fastener can do the work of up to four conventional fasteners. Its unique push-and-pull installation design makes it ideal for military vehicles, auto suspensions, rail car assembly, and much more.
Download the Huck BOM data sheet here

Huck FloorTight
Originally designed for large vehicle flooring installations, Huck FloorTight is the only controlled, self-countersinking blind fastener commercially available. It is ideal for all wood-to-metal applications, especially plywood and plymetal. FloorTight’s self-countersinking head eliminates the secondary counterboring process in plywood, and eliminates dimpling in metals. Unlike screws that can be over-torqued or under-torqued, FloorTight ensures consistent, reliable installation every time.

Download the Huck FloorTight data sheet here

This blind structural rivet combines the wide grip range of the Magna-Lok and the high shear strength of the Magna-Bulb. Featuring a wide grip range and unique double-locking action, the HuckLok blind rivet combines high shear strength and high pull-up force. Its double-locking action consistently secures the assembly from both sides, resulting in maximum hold and joint integrity. Annular grooves keep pressure on the back side and the large, blind-side footprint prevents pull-through, especially when joining thin or lightweight materials, such as plastics, composites, or any kind of pliable material.

Download the HuckLok data sheet here

Huck Magna-Bulb
Magna-Bulb has high Mechanical Performance, ideal for lower strength or thin sheet joint materials. Its extra-large blind side footprint is ideal for lower strength or thin sheet joint materials.
Download the Magna-Bulb data sheet here

Huck Magna-Lok
A versatile, hole filling fastener that can be installed with conventional installation tools. It has a unique circle-lock feature, allowing a simple visual inspection to ensure it is installed properly, 100% of the time. Unlike competitive blind structural rivets, the Magna-Lok doesn't require a special nose-piece insert in order to be properly installed; the locking mechanism has been engineered into the fastener eliminating tooling and operator error. Magna-Lok is moisture-resistant, available in steel, stainless steel, 316 stainless steel or aluminium in diameters up to 1/2". With a large grip range, the Magna-Lok is the best gap-pulling fastener available, and provides a secure joint that is vibration resistant.
Download the Huck Magna-Lok data sheet here

Huck Magna-Tite - is a specialized aluminium rivet fastener well-suited for use within oversized holes and repair applications. Its wide blind-side bulb makes it ideal for joining thin or low-strength materials like aluminium, fiberglass, and plastic, which makes it perfectly suited to roofing and lightweight applications. It has a unique embedded sealant applied between the bolt and sleeve that helps seal the hole.
Download the Huck Magna-Tite data sheet here

Huck Penta-Lok
Due to its high pull-out strength the Huck Penta-Lok is ideal for use within thin materials or delicate composites and a broad spectrum of plastic, honeycomb aluminium and multi composite boards. Its reduced flange diameter allows installation against raised profiles and has been specifically designed for the secure fastening of profiled cargo load restraint and areas with restricted space, such as door gear and latches.

Download the Huck Penta-Lok data sheet here

Over the past 30 years, Huck structural blind fasteners from Howmet Fastening Systems (HFS) have become the fastening option of choice for a number of demanding applications. Today, Huck structural blind fasteners have become the preferred joining method for a wide range of applications where welding, nuts and bolts, and other joining methods were once regularly employed.

Specialists in the supply of Huck Fasteners, Star Fasteners are proud to be the UK’s largest Huck fastener distributor. Working with a diverse range of end users and distributors from across a number of industries.

We are also an accredited Huck tool service and repair centre; expert technical knowledge and a large tool hire fleet complements the service.
Any Huck stock item can be coloured to meet customers’ requirements and despatched at short notice from our in-house powder coating facility.


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