About Star Fasteners

Who we are…?

Star Fasteners are a forward-thinking global Huck® fastener distributor. With over 30 years’ experience, we are committed to supplying customers with the highest quality and most innovative fastener solutions on the market.

A fast, responsive, quality service

Star Fasteners team are focused on working with customers from the early design specification and engineering stage, right through to manufacturing. We provide support on fastener selection and installation methods to ensure that all stages are optimised prior to the start of production.

Our management systems are certified to ISO 9001:2015. Staying up to date with legislation is a crucial part of effective compliance. Quality assurance, control and monitoring procedures are built in to every aspect of our work, this ensures that we always supply a high-quality service.

Over the years, the style of business and its product range has evolved to meet the changing needs of the market. We are stocking an ever-wider range of products to meet the growing demands of our customers for a single source of supply for all their fastening needs. We always look for ways to innovate and take every opportunity to work with relevant partners. Our commitment is in developing new fastening solutions and bringing them to market faster.

Additional stock items include rivets, threaded inserts, sealant and adhesives; with over 3000 products we are sure to have a fastening solution for you!

What are Huck Fasteners?

Huck’s unique fastening systems date back over 70 years. The original Huck fastener was designed to solve problems due to extreme vibration between joined materials. The Huck Lockbolt, based on Lou Hucks’ original design, provides high stability and facilitates lightweight, stronger and more durable structures. Hucks’ ever evolving Lockbolt and structural fastener capabilities are helping users solve problems in applications – no torque, easier evaluation, maintenance free and high corrosion standards are some of the benefits of using the Huck fastener product range.

Huck fasteners are critical components use within wide range of industries

These include, aerospace, automotive, road transportation, bridge building, buildings and construction, defence and security, electronics and appliances, industrial equipment, agriculture and heavy equipment, marine, medical, oil and gas, energy, mining and screens as well as the rail market.

Why choose Star Fasteners?

  • We have the resources, skills and expertise to offer a diverse range of products. As Huck® fastening systems largest UK distributor our unique value-added solutions and services can address specific challenges facing your organisation.
  • We offer fully integrated solutions that combine people, processes, technology and quality fastening solutions.
  • We engage with a large and diverse supplier base.
  • Through product innovation we are helping meet the needs of industry in a growing and changing world.
  • Our training and support services help you to optimise your resources, reduce costs and improve safety.
  • Keeping up with the pace of technological change is important to us. We use the latest technology to manage and deliver our services in the most cost and resource-efficient way.
  • Our collaborative approach allows us to deliver continuous improvements that provide long-term benefits for your organisation.

Contact us here so we can discuss how we can help you.