The Huck BobTail A LockBolt fastener that has it all

Spotlight: The Huck® BobTail® - A LockBolt® fastener that has it all

The Huck BobTail - small diameter 6.4mm to large 25mm permanent structural LockBolt

LockBolts as an alternative to welding? Manufacturers of heavy equipment are actively investing in direct tension LockBolts. Installing a BobTail fastener is significantly faster, stronger and safer than welding a joint. Let’s find out more…

BobTail consists of two pieces, called pin and collar
The pin has rolled annular lock grooves (shallower than helical threads) with two pull grooves.
The collar material is softer than pin, with no initial grooves.

The Installation process
The pin is simply inserted into the prepared hole.
The collar can be pre-spun onto the pin by hand if preassembly is required.
When the installation tool is applied and activated, the tool swages the collar onto the pin.

How it works / installs with Huck installation tool
The tool clamps or swages the collar onto pin, resulting in high clamp forces.
During the installation process the tool deforms / cold swages the collar material into lock grooves on pin.
The collar is ‘locked’ into place and will not loosen.

No fastener pin break
Generates less waste.
Ensures high corrosion resistance.
Eliminates pintail slip hazards.
Greatly reduces shock load to installation tool thereby extending tool life.

Safe, ergonomic installation
No torque or impact is transferred to the operator.
Tooling is light and easy to handle.
It's quiet to install – under 70 Db.

Benefits and Proven performance
Fastens without torque – delivers high, consistent clamp loads.
Maintenance free joints – no retorquing required.
Provides high vibration resistance – delivers joints that will not loosen.
High fatigue endurance.
Installs only two seconds.
Visual inspection is all that is required; digital tooling can also be used to record results.
Creates tamperproof joints.

DIBt Approved (German national technical approval)
BobTail has been approved in both static and dynamic applications.
Retorque / re-tension of an installed Huck BobTail is not necessary.

The BobTail fastener can be removed
The collar cutter allows fast and easy removal – with a quick, simple change of tool attachment from the installation nose to the collar cutter.

Engineered for a wide range of applications including, truck and trailer, chassis, steel framed towers, construction, bridges, gantries, steel framed / modular buildings, solar, the possibilities are endless!

Huck LockBolts are a precision engineered two-piece fastening system. BobTail can be installed in intensive vibration environments. They provide a direct metal to metal contact which eliminates the transverse vibration often found in conventional nuts and bolts. Huckbolts deliver superior joining, shear and tensile strength for an unmatched fastening solution.

We are Star Fasteners; fastener experts and the largest UK Huck fastener distributor. We work globally with a diverse range of end users and distributors from across a number of industries, offering technical application knowledge and customer support. Huck fasteners guarantee performance and help maximise your return on investment; get the right fastener for your project and achieve your business goals. With many added value services and years of product application knowledge, Star Fasteners are able to offer a unique customer experience.

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