Technical Adhesive Tapes from Star Fasteners

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Star Fasteners stock a wide range of protective tapes suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Categories include:

Expanding Foam Tape: - Fully approved and recognised internationally as one of the leading foam sealing tapes available today provides protection from wind driven rain up to 600pa.
Once installed it remains permanently elastic and will expand and contract with thermal and physical movements making it ideal for timber framed constructions.

Thermalbond® V2100 Structural Glazing Spacer Tape: - Specified & trusted for over 40 years V2100 has played an important role in some of the world’s most iconic structures. Thermalbond® V2100 provides instant fixation during the silicone curing process of glazed systems and also ensures that the correct gap is maintained during this time which is critical to the performance of the structural silicone.

Sikasil® SG-500: - High performance, two-part, neutral curing structural silicone adhesive for 4 sided & 2-sided glass bonded systems. ETAG 002, ASTM C1184 ETA / CE marked.0.14 MPa (20 psi).

Sikasil® SG-550: - VERY High performance, two-part, neutral curing structural silicone adhesive for 4 sided & 2-sided glass bonded systems including bomb blast applications. ETAG 002, ASTM C1184 ETA / CE marked. 0.20 MPa (30 psi).

Sikasil® SG-20: - High strength, one-part, neutral curing structural silicone adhesive offering high mechanical strength and exceptional elongation. ETAG 002, ASTM C1184 ETA / CE marked. 0.17 MPa (20 psi).

Sikasil® WS-605 S: - Durable, non-streaking, neutral curing silicone weather sealant with high movement capability and excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates. Ideal as a weather seal for structural glazing and curtain walling applications subjected to severe conditions.

Sika® Cleaner P: - Low viscosity, solvent-based cleaning agent for non-porous substrates. Used to remove contaminates such as grease, oil, dust & dirt from substrates prior to bonding.

Sika® Aktivator:- Solvent based adhesion promoters Akitvator 100 and Aktivator 205.

Eliminate Squeaky Floors with Norton CST Joist Tape®: - Reduce impact sound transmission and airborne sound transmission with Norton CST Joist Tape®. By isolating vibrations this magnificent tape drastically reduces noise which is occurs when there is a gap between the sub floor and the joist.

Green Glue Noise Proofing Compound: - Green Glue noise proofing compound is viscoelastic, which is great for removing unwanted sound between walls ceilings and floors.

Norbond A7200 Series Clear, Double-Sided Acrylic Core Tape: - A strong tape that has so many uses and advantages. Used in electronics, industrial assembly and even glass construction. Available is 3 colours or optically clear Acrylic Foam Tape offers superb bonding & sealing solutions that can withstand the heat of powder coating and can even offer thermal conduction properties.

Normount V2800® Heavy Duty PU Foam Tape: - Available in thicknesses 0.8mm and 1.6mm this Ultra Performance Energy Dissipating Closed Cell Double Sided PU Foam Tape sits at the top end of the adhesive tape spectrum with a price tag to match.

Single Sided Foam Tape, Sealing, Protecting, Filling & Cushioning: - Coated with an acrylic adhesive on one side single sided foam tape can be used for a variety of sealing purposes including air, water and dust seals, as well as cushioning, protecting and gap filling. Available in Rolls, sheets or custom-made foam tape gaskets. Standard thicknesses range from 1mm up to 15mm.

Thermalbreak Tape – Eliminate Ghosting: - When used on either one or two sides of steel framing Norton CST™ serves as a thermal break that will help lower the rapidly increasing costs of energy.
Norton CST™ does not mould or mildew. By preventing condensation caused by temperature differentials
Norton CST™ helps eliminate ‘ghosting’ stains that outline metal studs in the wall.
Its performance and durability makes it a lifelong valuable addition to any residential or commercial building.

Norfix® V1500 Mirror Mounting Foam Tape – FIRA Approved: - A Double Sided Mounting Foam Tape which is Fully Approved by the FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association) for BS7449 Mirror Mounting. Quick and easy to install this tape is trusted, proven and approved to give you complete peace of mind for the task in hand.

Draught Excluder Foam Tape: - Reduce expensive draughts with this inexpensive tape solution, ideal for letterboxes, windows and doors.

Norseal FS1000 Intumescent Foam Sealing Tape: - An exciting multi solution tape, in its standard state it is capable of providing a water seal, thermal seal and an air tight seal as well as creating aesthetically pleasing finishes. However, when exposed to temperatures in excess of 200°C this tape will expand to create a fire-resistant char inhibiting the spread of fire.

Toffee Tape - Rubber Resin Tape: - Named so because of its amber hue and its tacky properties Toffee Tape is a versatile tape that is used to bond membranes, attach kick plates and can even be used as a temporary ‘third hand fix’.

Glass Protection Pads - Clean Peel Adhesive: - Also known as Glass Transit Pads, Glass Transportation Pads, Glass Separator Pads, Glass Spacer Pads and Plop Pads these Glass Protection Pads separate and protect glass, laminates and metal sheeting during storage and transportation.

Norbond T111 Double Sided PE Foam Tape: - A very competitive double sided PE foam tape which is ideal for less critical applications. Coated with a UV resistant acrylic adhesive it bonds to a wide variety of surfaces and is suitable for both internal & external applications.

Security Glazing Tape: - Prevent the Unexpected Removal of Glass from Externally Glazed Units with BBA Certified Security Glazing Tape.

CLADeX EPDM Membrane: - EPDM membrane is an elastomeric waterproofing strip used for sealing interfaces to provide an airtight and weather tight seal.

Star Fasteners have partnerships with world class manufacturers of technical adhesive tapes and flexible materials.

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