Rubber Resin Toffee Tape from Star Fasteners

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Product description

A pressure-sensitive rubber resin adhesive designed for bonding to "difficult" substrates, such as polythene & polypropylene. Toffee Tape is widely used across all sectors including but not limited to: -

• Joining polythene sheeting
• Mounting lightweight items and making any product adhesive.
• Fixing signs, edgings and trims.
• Joining of sheets and damp-proof membranes.
• Bonding aluminium & GRP roof skins in the commercial bodybuilding industry.
• Adhering insulation to walls.
• Fixing of floor materials (carpets/strips).
• Temporary tarpaulin repair.

Available in various thicknesses from 0.2mm to 2mm and widths to suit your application.

Ten “Toffee Tape” Product advantages: -

1. Clean, easy to use alternative to brush on adhesives.
2. Very aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive
3. Non-hardening and permanently flexible
4. Excellent bond strength.
5. No curing time required.
6. Solvent free, therefore no fumes.
7. Forms a strong waterproof bond.
8. Well established product with long term proven success.
9. Pre-formed to a choice of sizes.
10. Versatile “instant stick” adhesive on a roll.

For more information on AS75 Toffee Tape and technical specifications, download the pdf or contact us on +44(0)115 9324939; email,


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