Think Huck, think Star Fasteners

Think Huck®, think Star Fasteners

Star Fasteners are the UK's largest Huck® fastener and tooling distributor with many added-value services; we take the uncertainty out of fastener and installation tooling selection, as well as the inventory management process.

The Huck® fastener range is used where high structural strength is required. Offering a clean and safe alternative to welding and a more efficient fastening method than standard nuts and bolts, Huck® fasteners offer benefits which other fastening methods cannot, including quick and easy installation, elimination of re- checking/replacement, and ultimately cost reductions. Each Huck® fastener has its own unique characteristics ensuring that there is a product for every project and that is where Star Fasteners with over thirty years as a Huck® fastener distributor can help. We are here to assist our customers to choose the best fastener and tooling combination for their application.

Huck® fasteners are widely used in various industries for their strength, reliability, and durability. They offer secure and permanent fastening solutions for a range of applications.

Common uses of Huck® fasteners in different industries:

Automotive and Transportation: Huck® fasteners are extensively used in the automotive, commercial vehicle and transportation sectors. They are used for applications such as attaching body panels, composite materials, securing chassis components, joining exhaust systems, fastening interior trim, and assembling heavy-duty trucks, trailers, buses and trains / carriages. Huck® fasteners provide strong and vibration-resistant joints, contributing to the overall structural integrity of vehicles.

Construction and Infrastructure: In the construction industry, Huck® fasteners are utilized for structural steel connections, bridge building, modular building assembly, and architectural frame applications. They provide robust connections that withstand high loads, seismic forces, and other challenging environmental conditions.

Aerospace and Aviation: Huck® fasteners find application in the aerospace and aviation sectors, where lightweight and high-strength fastening solutions are crucial. They are used for aircraft assembly, attaching panels, joining structural components, securing interior fittings, and fastening composite materials. Huck® fasteners offer reliable and fatigue-resistant connections that meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace industry.

Manufacturing and Industrial Equipment: In manufacturing and industrial settings, Huck® fasteners are utilized for various applications. They are commonly used for joining heavy machinery components, securing equipment and in applications such as medical and food preparation. They providing reliable connections in high-vibration environments and for those looking for vandal-resistant options, Huck® fasteners offer quick installation, high clamping force, and long-lasting performance.

Marine and Offshore: Huck® fasteners are employed in marine and offshore industries for applications such as shipbuilding, offshore platform construction, and marine equipment assembly. They provide secure and corrosion-resistant connections in challenging marine environments, where resistance to saltwater, humidity, and harsh conditions is essential.

Rail and Transportation Infrastructure: Huck® fasteners play a vital role in the rail industry. They are used for track construction, fastening rail joints, securing signalling systems, assembling rolling stock, and joining infrastructure components. Huck® fasteners provide reliable connections that withstand heavy loads, vibrations, and continuous stresses.

Energy and Utilities: In the energy and utilities sector, Huck® fasteners are used for power plant construction, wind turbine assembly, pipeline installation, and securing heavy-duty equipment. They offer robust connections that withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations, and harsh operating conditions. Huck® fasteners' versatility, strength, and reliability make them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications where secure and permanent fastening solutions are required. Their ability to provide strong joints, resist vibrations, and withstand harsh environments has made them a preferred choice in numerous industries worldwide. Wherever there is a fastening application Huck® Fasteners have a fastening option.

What are Huck® Fasteners
Huck® fasteners are a high-strength, vibration-resistant fastening system. Huck® LockBolts and structural blind fasteners have been designed to provide reliable and permanent fastening solutions for a wide variety of applications, they offer several advantages over traditional fastening methods, such as bolts, nuts, and rivets.

Huck LockBolts
HuckBolts® (or Huck LockBolts) are precision engineered two-piece fasteners that, once installed, no matter how vibration-intensive the environment, do not come loose. HuckBolts® provide direct metal-to-metal contact when installed, which eliminates the transverse vibration often found in conventional nuts and bolts. Engineered for a wide range of applications, HuckBolts® deliver superior joining, shear, and tensile strength for an unmatched fastening solution.

HuckBolts® can be used with virtually any metal; dissimilar metals, coefficients of thermal expansion, present no problems. Varying material thicknesses in a joint are readily accommodated, and surface finishes are not damaged. Most importantly, HuckBolts® have proven to hold up over years of service in demanding, high-stress, high-vibration environments.

Huck® LockBolt brand names include, BobTail®, Magna-Grip®, C6L®, C50L®, C120L® and Hucktainer®; each differing in design, diameter, grip range material, plating and purpose.

Huck Structural Blind Fasteners
A structural blind fastener retains the pin in the rivet body (sleeve) post-installation for extra tensile and shear strength. Structural blind rivets are generally available in sizes ranging from 4.8 mm (3/16’’) up to 19.1 mm (3/4'’).

The primary benefit of blind rivets is that access is only required on one side of the application, meaning typically only one person is needed to install it. The single- piece fastener design means the rivet is just placed into the prepared hole, and then installed using an installation tool. The process is very fast, clean, and safe, delivering consistent results across the board without requiring skilled personnel.

Huck® structural blind fastener brand names include, Auto-Bulb®, BOM®, FloorTight®, Hucklok®, Magna-Bulb®, Magna-Lok®, Magna-Tite®, and Penta-Lok™.

Key characteristics and features of Huck® fasteners:

High Strength:
Huck® fasteners provide exceptional strength and load-bearing capacity. They are designed to handle high tension and shear loads, making them suitable for demanding applications that require secure and reliable connections.

Vibration Resistance: One of the key advantages of Huck® fasteners is their ability to withstand vibration. The LockBolt design and the swaged collar create a tight and ‘locked’ connection that resists loosening or coming apart, even in environments with high levels of vibration.

Quick Installation: Huck® fasteners offer fast and efficient installation compared to traditional fastening methods. They can be installed using pneudraulic, hydraulic or battery tools specifically designed for Huck® fasteners, enabling rapid and consistent installation in a production environment.

Wide Range of Applications: Huck® fasteners are used in various industries, including automotive, construction, aerospace, manufacturing, transportation, and more. They are suitable for joining different materials, such as metal, composite materials, and plastics, in applications that require high strength, reliability, and durability.

Corrosion Resistance: Huck® fasteners are available in a range of materials, including steel, stainless steel, and aluminium, to provide corrosion resistance and durability in different environments. This makes them suitable for applications exposed to moisture, chemicals, or harsh weather conditions.

Maintenance-Free: Once installed, Huck® fasteners require minimal maintenance. Their permanent and reliable connections eliminate the need for regular inspections or tightening, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Versatility: Huck® fasteners come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different applications and requirements. They can be used for structural applications, sheet metal assembly, fastening panels, joining components, and more.

What additional services can Star Fasteners offer
Star Fasteners specialises in the sourcing, stocking, and distribution of quality fasteners and tooling. However, we also have the several services can add value to our customers. These services focus on enhancing efficiency, improving quality, reducing costs, and providing support throughout the supply process. Here are some examples:

An in-house powder coating service: allows any Huck® fastener to be coloured to meet customers’ requirements. The powder coating service has proved to be popular for matching the fastener to a project, colour coding for identification purposes and offering additional corrosion / surface protection.

Custom colour encapsulated head: The growing trend for using composites as well as technological improvements has seen innovation in design. With this in mind Star Fasteners brought to the market a coloured encapsulated head Hucktainer®. This Huck® fastener was designed specifically for joining light weight composite panels, plastic and fiberglass reinforced plywood to a wide range of materials. With low minimum order quantities and a fast turnaround, the head of the Hucktainer® can be matched to any colour of the customer’s choice. Its neat appearance gives a professional look to their finished project.

Tool repair and hire service: Star Fasteners accredited Huck® tool repair and service department offers expert technical knowledge. We have a dedicated team of experienced engineers, fully trained to the relevant manufacturers’ recommendations on key brands such as Huck®, FAR® and Marson®, as well as many other popular brands. Star Fasteners has developed a reputation for providing a personal and reliable service, incorporating nationwide collection and return.

With a fully equipped workshop, Star Fasteners tool services are reliable and timely, so there is minimal down time for the customer and a quick turnaround for every job. Once the tool has been assessed, a quote detailing all parts and costs is raised. If required, Star can guide customers to help find the most economical outcome. Each tool gets a unique reference so Star Fasteners can view its full maintenance history.

Hire Tools: Every production environment, workshop and tool benefits from a regular maintenance program and Star Fasteners can help out with that too. We have a large selection of short or long-term hire tools to ensure that production isn’t held up. Advising customers on simple maintenance procedures to help prolong the production life of tooling systems are all part of the service.

Inventory Management: Efficient inventory management services help optimize stock levels, reduce excess inventory, and prevent stockouts. This ensures that the right fasteners are available at the right time, minimizing downtime and improving operational efficiency.

Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI): Star Fasteners take responsibility for managing and replenishing the customer's inventory by monitoring usage and forecasting demand, ensuring timely restocking. VMI can streamline the supply chain, reduce inventory carrying costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Technical Support and Engineering Services: we can assist customers with selecting the right fasteners for their applications, providing guidance on installation techniques, and offering design recommendations. This helps our customers to optimize fastener selection, improve product quality, and enhance overall performance.

Testing and Quality Assurance: We provide customers with sample fasteners and bespoke made test plates showing installed fasteners to enable customers to carry out their own tests for strength, corrosion resistance and dimensional accuracy. Certifications and documentation related to quality and compliance enhance customer confidence.

Training and Education: we can offer education programs on fastener selection, their proper usage, installation techniques, and best practices which can benefit production efficiency. Improved knowledge and skills lead to optimal use of resources. An awareness of health and safety can lead to safer work environment and fastener / safer fastener installation, reducing errors and increasing productivity.

For more than 60 years, the business Lou Huck® founded and the fasteners he designed are still solving the problem of coping with extreme stress and vibration, providing strength and facilitating lighter, stronger, more durable structures. Today the product range based on his original design has evolved to include both small and large diameter fasteners, medium and heavy-duty blind fasteners and associated installation tooling. Star Fasteners has extensive experience working with customers on a global scale and have successfully worked with some of the world’s leading businesses to develop unique and cost-effective solutions to fastening problems.

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