Hucktainer - Designed specifically for joining composite panel

Spotlight: The Huck Hucktainer - Designed specifically for joining composite panel

The Huck® Hucktainer is a two-piece specialty fastener that has been designed specifically for composite board, fiberglass reinforced plywood (FRP) and metal clad composite panel applications. The Hucktainer fastener installs with a consistent pressure, therefore reducing the potential for crushing or crazing of the panel, the operator does not have to worry about under or over tightening as they would with a nut and bolt. With the addition of a restrictor shim they can be success installed into lightweight panels. Conventional threaded fasteners may only engage a few threads when joining thin sheets, allowing panels to separate in response to vibration. By contrast, Hucktainer’s unique, direct-tension installation process provides consistent clamp, ensuring accurate tension and a secure, durable connection, time after time.

Fastener details :-
Diameter of fastener: 10mm
Pin, head styles: Standard low profile, encapsulated in plastic, powder coated finish
Collar, styles: Wide bearing, medium bearing, clearance, countersunk and flat
Material: Steel

The two-piece fastener (pin and collar) are inserted into the prepared hole and the installation tool is applied to the pintail. When the tool is activated, the rotating action of the nose assembly allows the collar to twist freely and the collar is swaged onto the spiral lock of the pin, this allows the fasteners installation to take place in a controlled way.

Requiring only a few seconds to install, Hucktainer fasteners reduce assembly time. Unlike impact wrenches, the tools used to install Hucktainer fasteners are relatively quiet and are available in a choice of battery (Huck Range Force), air-powered (Huck 2055 or FAR FHU2000) or hydraulic models (Huck HK32-002 c/w 2480L). Comfortable, ergonomically designed grips minimize muscle strain and the possibility of repetitive strain syndrome.

The benefits of using Hucktainer: -

  • Fast, quiet and easy installation
  • Installs with consistent pressure, reducing crushing or crazing on composite board.
  • Spiral lock system, breakaway pintail ensures constant installation values are achieved
  • J63 plating adds additional resistance to corrosion - free from hexavalent chrome and is compliant with European directive EU 2000/53
  • The integral weather-resistant seal keeps contaminants from invading the joint
  • Direct metal-to-metal contact when installed eliminates the transverse vibration often found in conventional nuts and bolts
  • Maintenance free joints. Hucktainer can never be over-torqued or under-torqued
  • Once installed, the low-profile finish on both sides ensures reduced risk of catching on clothes, skin or goods
  • Improves health and safety - can replace welding
  • Shorter grips available for today's thin metal-clad panels, as thin 10.36 mm (grip 8).
  • Custom coloured encapsulation, offers UV fade-resistant protection as well as increased corrosion protection. The increased head diameter spreads the load to further eliminate panel crushing. Star Fasteners can colour match to any colour and with low minimum order quantities and fast turnaround, it is a very cost-effective fastening solution
  • Star Fasteners in-house powder coating facility allows Hucktainer heads to be coloured to match to any project, for example, the panel, trailer rear frame, or just to add further corrosion protection
  • Tamper-resistant, TIR compliant
  • RoHS compliant

Where is the Hucktainer fastener being used?

For truck trailers truck bodies, cargo containers and other structures fabricated from composite panel, the Hucktainer provides the ideal fastening solution. Compared to conventional nuts and bolt installations, which can loosen in high-vibration environments the Hucktainer fastener has proven to be a dependable fastening solution; application opportunities are endless.

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