Spotlight: The Huck C6L HuckBolt available from Star Fasteners

The Huck® C6L® - HuckBolt®

A classic 6-Groove locking fastener built with staying power.

Where a strong vibration resistant joint is critical you cannot go wrong with a Huck C6L, the original HuckBolt manufactured by Huck over half a century ago. The C6L’s exclusive locking six groove design ensures a secure permanent fit that resists loosening. Once the collar swage is complete, the pin tail breaks off and the fastener is completely installed. There is no rework required and you can count on consistent, highly uniform clamp force with every C6L installation. A quick visual inspection along with an occasional dimension check is all that’s needed to make sure it has been fully installed.

The C6L is a high strength pin and collar (two piece) fastener. It easy to install and is more durable than welding, adhesives, or conventional threaded fastening systems. As well as offering superior fastening performance, the C6L system reduces labour and installation costs, along with rework and warranty expenses. Using the C6L eliminates the need for certified welders or specially trained employees, workers can be shown how to easily install these fasteners in a matter of minutes.

Which industries is the C6L fastener used in?

C6L is one of the industry’s most popular fastening systems. It is a versatile fastener that is available in a variety of sizes, materials, finishes and head styles. It is used is in so many applications; these are just a few…

General manufacturing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), heavy goods vehicle chassis production, commercial vehicle trailers and rigid bodywork, container assembly, railroad and rail vehicles, agricultural, rotary and rotating equipment, conveyors’, fencing, shopping trolleys and platform trucks, and so many other applications, its uses are far and wide. It can be used wherever a strong, high-uniform clamp force, secure, permanent fit and vibration-resistant fastener is required.

What diameters, materials and head styles are C6L HuckBolts available in?

Available Sizes:
3/16" (4.8mm), 1/4" (6.4mm), 5/16" (7.9mm), 3/8" (9.5mm)

There is also a larger diameter variety available known as the Huck C50L range.

Materials: Grade 5, (also available in grade 8 as C120L), Aluminium, Stainless Steel

Head styles:
Round, Truss, Flush (Countersunk), 98T (Rivet Head)

How is the C6L Huck Lockbolt installed?

  • The pin is inserted into the prepared hole and the smooth bore, free fitting collar is placed on the pin.
  • The installation tool is applied to the pintail. When the tool is activated, the jaws in the nose assembly pull on the pintail and the nose anvil pushes on the collar to remove any gap.
  • The nose anvil starts to swage the collar into the lock grooves on the pin. Continued swaging causes the collar to lengthen and develop clamp.
  • When swaging of the collar into the lock grooves is complete, the pintail breaks off, the tool is ejected off the fastener and completes the installation sequence.

 Why use a C6L pin and collar Lockbolt opposed to a traditional nut and bolt?

  1. HuckBolts (Lockbolts) have been designed to provide vibration resistant joining solutions for industrial applications – they do not rely on pre-installed nylon patches, lock wires, washers or any other additional methods that might affect their integrity.
  2. Even in the most vibration-intensive environments, Huck fasteners maintain their structural integrity for the life of the joint. Traditional fasteners loosen under vibration. No matter how hard they are tightened, nuts and bolts will loosen with time if they are subjected to regular mechanical vibrations.
  3. HuckBolts are installed using direct tension and swaging. This installation method helps ensure there are no gaps as there are between nut and bolt threads – a common potential source of loosening. HuckBolts feature full metal-to-metal contact between the swaged collar and the pin. This unique swaged connection provides unwavering vibration resistance, even in the harshest vibration filled applications.
  4. Because HuckBolts are not subjected to torsion during installation, they can safely be taken to higher preload values than conventional bolts. This results in higher clamp, higher strength and ultimately the highest level of vibration resistance you can find.
  5. Huck Lockbolts are often preferred over traditional bolts because they offer a more efficient fastening method. They help to reduce labour cost due to their easy and quick installation (no skilled labour required).
  6. HuckBolts have an ability to accommodate flexing in a structure without working loose. If a pin is used with a wide flanged collar it helps to spread the load ensuring structural integrity.
  7. Huck Lockbolts have the benefit of consistent installation which eliminates future maintenance requirements and ultimately provides cost reductions. The high-fatigue, annular lock groove form extends the life of the structure.
  8. Initial long length of fastener (pin) enables pull-out of large gaps and high retained clamp.

Specialists in the supply and distribution of Huck Fasteners, Star Fasteners are proud to be the UK’s largest Huck stockists. Working globally with a diverse range of end users and distributors from across a number of industries, offering technical application knowledge, customer support, and tooling sales, service and repair.


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