Spotlight; LockBolt Fastening system key benefits 

Spotlight: Lockbolt Fastening System Key Benefits


There is a Huck® Lockbolt® for every application – Bobtail®, Magna-Grip®, C50L®, C6L® C120L®, Hucktainer®

Compared to conventional nut and bolt installations, which can loosen in high-vibration environments, Huck Lockbolts have proven to be resistant to the effect of vibration in a number of very demanding applications. They are widely used in rail, automotive, agricultural vehicles and machinery, commercial vehicle trailer and chassis applications and also wind power industries.

The secret to this performance can be found in the unique Huckbolt design in which the collar is fully swaged into the locking grooves of the pin. Huckbolts are precision engineered two-piece fasteners that once installed, no matter how vibration intensive the environment, do not come loose. Huckbolts provide direct metal-to-metal contact when installed which eliminates the transverse vibration often found in conventional nuts and bolts. Engineered for a wide range of applications, Huckbolts deliver superior joining, shear, and tensile strength for an unmatched fastening solution.

Key Benefits: -

  • Maintenance free joints – no need to torque or re-torque
  • Lower lifetime total cost of joint - high shear and tensile strengths for increased fatigue life of the joint
  • Do not loosen even under extreme vibration
  • High speed, easy to install systems reduce production time
  • Wide grip ranges minimise fastener inventory
  • Improves health and safety - replaces welded joints
  • Tamperproof – once installed cannot be removed without specialist tooling

Huckbolts can be effectively used with virtually any metal, and metals with dissimilar coefficients of thermal expansion present no problems. Varying material thicknesses in a joint are readily accommodated, and surface finishes are not damaged. Most importantly, Huckbolts are proven to hold up over years of service in demanding high stress, high vibration environments.

Star Fasteners are the UK’s largest Huck fastener and tooling distributor. Together with a hire tool fleet and an approved in-house tool maintenance repair department, an all-encompassing service can be relied upon.

Star Fasteners have a wealth of application and fastener knowledge that can make the impossible, possible. A standard fastener in the Huck range may provide your answer. If not, help with a cost-effective tailor-made solution is made available to all.

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