New Rivdom Two Battery Tool: For Maximum Power In Mobile Riveting

New Rivdom Two Battery Tool: For Maximum Power In Mobile Riveting

Star Fasteners products and services take on the fastening challenges that businesses face today.
"We are committed to supplying customers with the highest quality and most innovative fastening solutions on the market and are continually improving and expanding our portfolio to ensure that it remains at the forefront of the industry and ahead of modern assembly requirements" explains Dan Starbuck, director at Star Fasteners.

"We are an innovative fastener distributor and are therefore used to working with trusted manufacturers of quality brands. That is why we decided to work with VVG Befestigungstechnik to design a powerful structural fastener, battery operated tool that meets the needs of a demanding manufacturing assembly process."

Rivdom Two SF Installs LockBolts and Structural Fasteners

The Rivdom TWO SF comes with two batteries, battery charger & heavy-duty Sortimo L-Box.

Features and Benefits

Battery - Two RivdomPLUS 20v (4Ah) Li-Ion batteries deliver plenty of power. Designed for efficiency and extended run times, making applications faster.

Motor - Newly developed brushless BLDC direct current motor ensures improved tool life.

Accessories - Takes Huck® nose assemblies.

Comfort - a lightweight, ergonomic design ensures uncompromised user experience.

Quiet Design - Sound emissions LpA65 3klwa 76db for use in noise restricted areas.

Large Collector Bottle - quick half turn removal, collects spent mandrels so that they can be disposed of safely.

The newly developed brushless BLDC direct current motor for Rivdom TWO SF 20V, presents itself with an almost wear-less, durable life cycle. With an enormous setting force of more than 20,000N; it effortlessly installs steel Hucktainer's which requires installation forces in excess of two tonnes.The motor’s low power consumption design reduces heat build-up, which in turn increases its efficiency and effectiveness. This ensures that the battery runtime is maximised, therefore prolonging operating times.

Star Fasteners have recently become a distributor for the VVG's Rivdom tooling range and is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for the Rivdom TWO SF. "We have invested in both the design process and a fully stocked tool room so that we can offer a quick and cost-effective service & repair facility. We have also added Rivdom TWO SF tools to our hire fleet so that they can go out on demonstrations", explains Dan.

Supplied with a quick-charger, the Rivdom Two SF batteries are fully charged in 60 minutes. Batteries have an indicator panel to show their remaining charge capacity. All 12V, 16V and 20V batteries of the Rivdom family can be charged using the same charger.

Lightweight, Powerful and Tough

Although light in weight, the tough casing makes the Rivdom Two SF resistant to damage. It is a high-quality modern riveting tool capable of enduring tough environments and has already proven itself in a variety of demanding engineering applications. With a professional performance and the added convenience of being battery powered it is proving to be a popular choice with service teams and assembly lines. It is an invaluable tool for working in areas where there isn’t any power to the site. It also allows ease of movement as it can be manipulated into confined space and there is no airline to get tangled!

Historically pneumatic tools were always chosen due to their strength properties. However, technological development and innovation in both batteries and motors have really closed the gap in recent years. Businesses are now looking at the health and safety benefits of swapping predominantly to battery tools. This include noise reduction and trip hazards on trailing airlines. The Rivdom TWO SF has become an equal rival to some of our most popular pneumatic tools.

"A key part of the design for the new tool was the ability for it to take Huck nose assemblies," mentions Dan. "This highly powered structural fastener battery tool has been on trial in demanding manufacturing environments for just over a year now. It has comfortably tackled installing structural rivets such as Magna-Lok® and quarter inch diameter pins and collars including Hucktainer® Lockbolts. Our customers are really pleased with the tool's overall performance" concludes Dan.

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