Huck fasteners boost efficiency and improve reliability

Huck Fasteners Boost Efficiency and Improve Reliability

Doing More With Less; The Huck PentaLok and Auto-bulb

Industry is under continued pressure to do more with less: less weight, less cost, and less time. Understanding how different joining technologies function from the perspective of weight, cost, productivity and reliability is crucial.

While adhesives are often a popular joining technology when trying to address weight concerns, structural blind fasteners should also be given strong consideration as they create reliable, effective, tight joints between various materials.

Structural blind fasteners offer similar benefits to those of non-structural blind fasteners, but they also provide a distinct advantage, that is a quantifiable and predictable shear and tensile strength.

Structural blind fasteners such as Auto-Bulb and PentaLok retain their mandrel after installation. This retention of the mandrel is made possible by the interaction of the mandrel and mandrel sleeve during the installation process.

The presence of the mandrel accounts for a 60-80% increase in load-carrying ability in shear and tensile over conventional non-structural blind fasteners. Not only can these fasteners improve joint reliability due to their added strength, numbers of fasteners required can be optimised. In turn, this improves the weight of the project, speeds-up the manufacturing process and reduces inventory costs.

The Huck Auto-Bulb

This Huck fastener offers the perfect solution. It works by clamping the joint with a broad, blind side bulb, which makes it a good choice for use within thin materials, and within oversized, misaligned, or slotted holes. Unlike other bulbing blind fasteners, Auto-Bulb's unique bulbing system creates superior blind side bearing strength and its positive mechanical bolt retention ensures structural integrity. Auto-Bulb is available in both steel and 400 stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

Available Sizes: 3/16'; 1 /4"
Materials: Steel, 400 Stainless Steel
Headstyles: Protruding, Countersunk

The Huck Pentalok

The Huck PentaLok has been specifically designed to work with celled, honeycomb, plastic panels and multi-composite board. Its wide blind-side footprint is well suited for use within thin materials and delicate composites. PentaLok's uniquely engineered peel system installs with ease into shallow panels.

Available Sizes: 1/4"
Materials: Steel

Innovative materials and manufacturing techniques are changing at a rapid pace. Selecting an appropriate fastener can be challenging. Star Fasteners work closely with engineers and procurement teams to share their specialist fastener knowledge. A smart customer focused response, as well as large stocks ensures that customers' requirements are met quickly.

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