Huck AutoBulb®

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For automated, high-speed assemblies, the Huck Auto-Bulb® is the perfect solution. It’s designed with an easy-to-use lead-in point, which means fast, reliable installation. It works by clamping the joint with a broad, blind side bulb, which makes it a good choice for use within thin materials, and within oversized, misaligned, or slotted holes. Unlike other bulbing blind fasteners, Auto-Bulb’s unique bulbing system creates superior blind side bearing strength. Auto-Bulb is available in both steel and 400 stainless steel for corrosion resistance.

  • Purpose design blind side shape for easy hole location: Ideal for automated assembly
  • Large blind side footprint: Ideal for lower strength or thin sheet joint materials.
  • Good blind side clearance: Less space required on the blind side prior to installation.
  • High pin retention: Prevents possibility of noise or vibration in dynamic assemblies.
  • Recessed pin break: No catching on clothes, skin or goods.
  • Structural fastener: High shear & tensile strength

Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel

Available Sizes: 3/16", 1/4" (4.8mm, 6.4mm)

Head styles: Protruding, Countersunk

Specialists in the supply of Huck Fasteners, Star Fasteners are proud to be the UK’s largest Huck fastener distributor. Working with a diverse range of end users and distributors from across a number of industries.

We are also an accredited Huck tool service and repair centre; expert technical knowledge and a large tool hire fleet complements the service.

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