Huck Solar System Maintenance Free Fastening Solutions

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The Huck Solar System is a special selection of our top fasteners and tooling designed to match the unique needs of installing solar arrays with superior strength, corrosion resistance and clamping performance.

Solar racking and PV installation has never been faster, easier, or more cost effective to complete.

Recent research done by a national energy company during a routine ten-year inspection at a solar farm found zero failures among thousands and thousands of Huck fasteners they used. Other fasteners in the same location had issues of fatigue breakage, corrosion and loss of clamp force. The HuckBolts used on racking systems did not require a single day of maintenance.

A Full Array of Solar Industry Fasteners
Huck makes solar array installation faster and more efficient with the strongest and most durable fasteners available for solar applications today. These fasteners include the BobTail HuckBolts, specialized blind bolts, structural blind rivets, and our unique 2-piece self-grounding BobTail that eliminates complex grounding assemblies. All Huck products are engineered for industry-leading installation efficiency and long-term reliability.

Howmet is the leader in fastener innovation, developing highly-effective and unique joining solutions.
Star Fasteners are the UK's largest Huck fastener distributor; for more information call us on +44(0)115 932 4939 or email

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