Huck Fasteners for Heavy Equipment

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Whether in the mine or on the construction site, hydraulically powered equipment encounters tough, vibration-intensive conditions. Dozers, excavators, and other heavy equipment need the high-strength, vibration-resistant hold only HuckBolt® fasteners can deliver. HuckBolts consistently provide extremely high shear and tensile strength, and are proven to hold tight in extreme, high-vibration environments such as mining and construction. In addition, HuckBolts are highly reliable for use in equipment cabs, doors, floors, and other attachments.

In many applications, HuckBolts have been proven superior to all other forms of assembly for speed and accuracy of installation, safety, environmental friendliness, and overall productivity.
Compared with conventional torqued-on nuts and bolts and when contrasted with welding, Huck fasteners offer consistent clamp that is designed into the fastener itself – clamp integrity is not dependent on the tool or the operator.

Howmet is the leader in fastener innovation, developing highly-effective and unique joining solutions.
Star Fasteners are the UK's largest Huck fastener distributor; for more information call us on +44(0)115 932 4939 or email

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