Huck Fasteners in Agriculture

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High strength, fast and easy installation, along with unmatched vibration-resistance, are what make HuckBolts® the smart choice for heavy equipment assembly applications for agriculture.

High Clamp Allows Welding Replacement and Lighter Equipment. In many applications, HuckBolts have been proven superior to all other forms installation, safety, environmental friendliness, and overall productivity.

Whether operating in the field or accommodating heavy storage capacities, agricultural machinery really takes a beating. The vibration-resistant, high-strength features of HuckBolts are ideal for tractors, harvesters, and towed equipment such as grain carts, ploughs, planters, balers, tillers, and rotary cutters. Typical applications for Huck® fasteners are found in the chassis, cab frame, seats, maintenance access panels, and wheel nuts. Huck fasteners can also be utilized in both mobile and permanent storage structures such as grain silos.

These engineered fasteners are installed using a unique direct-tension / swaged-on method, providing for a smooth, jolt-free installation. The potential for repetitive stress syndrome often experienced with torque wrench installations is eliminated. Compared to welding, Huck fastener installation does not require highly trained personnel and provides fast, safe, and accurate assembly.

Howmet is the leader in fastener innovation, developing highly-effective and unique joining solutions.
Star Fasteners are the UK's largest Huck fastener distributor; for more information call us on +44(0)115 932 4939 or email

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