The Huck Hucktainer® - J63 plating

Click to download the Hucktainer J63 plating Huck Data Sheet from Star Fasteners

The Hucktainer fastener consistently provides proven joint strength, vibration resistance and overall durability. It has been uniquely engineered for use in structures fabricated from fibreglass reinforced plywood, metal-clad polymer core panels and other reinforced panel structures. Because Hucktainer has been designed to distribute force over a wide area, it will not crush, craze or bull-nose composite panels.

Available Sizes: 3/8"
Materials: Steel
Plating Specification: J63 (only available from Star Fasteners)

Maintenance free Hucktainer fasteners
In addition to high strength and vibration-resistance, Huck fasteners are maintenance free. There is no re-torquing or retightening needed as with traditional nuts and bolts. This establishes Hucktainer as a superior value fastener; its lower maintenance requirements are reflected in negligible associated on-costs. Huck fasteners deliver a better life cycle value through reduced warranty claims and longer life.

Simple fastener installation
Hucktainer’s fool-proof installation ensures that fasteners are installed in seconds. The two-piece Hucktainer fastener has been proven to be reliable and vibration resistant in many applications and are also used in the assembly of side panels and bulkheads.

10 reasons to specify the Hucktainer Fastener into your next project

1. Fast, quiet, easy installation (tooling available to buy / hire from Star Fasteners).
2. Installs with consistent pressure, reducing crushing or crazing
3. Spiral lock system, breakaway pintail, and smooth bore sleeve
4. Exclusively from Star Fasteners; improved zinc nickel J63 plating resists corrosion (offers 720 hours without ferrous corrosion)
5. Integral seal keeps contaminants from invading joint / weather-resistant
6. Eliminates the requirement of torque settings
7. Tamper-resistant
8. Shorter grips available for today’s thin metal-clad panels
9. Designed specifically for joining composite board in trailer applications
10. A wide choice of Collar (sleeve) styles available, including; wide bearing, medium bearing, clearance, flat and countersunk

Also available - Encapsulated Hucktainer

Click to download the Hucktainer Encapsulated Head Huck Data Sheet from Star Fasteners

The growing trend towards light-weighting, the increased use of composite panel and also technological improvements in the commercial vehicle market has seen innovation in design. With this in mind Star Fasteners have brought to the market a coloured encapsulated Hucktainer.

Six unique advantages of Hucktainer’s colour encapsulated head

• Colour matched to any colour of your choice
• Low minimum order quantity and fast turnaround.
• Plastic encapsulated, UV resistant head reduces corrosion.
• Helps to prevent weather ingress.
• Increased head diameter spreads the load; helps eliminate panel crushing.
• Neat appearance gives a professional finish and blends seamlessly with the livery colour.

For more information or to discuss a bespoke colour requirement have a look at our Encapsulated Hucktainer data sheet, call on +44(0)1159324939, or email

Do Star Fasteners sell Huck tools and nose assemblies?
Yes, Star Fasteners offer a wide range of quality hand, battery and air tools that we know can stand up to the rigours of a busy workshop environment. We recognise that choosing an installation tool can be fairly complicated; our service includes demonstrating the latest models and advising on tool options best suited to both the application and the environment.

Can Huck tools be repaired?
Yes, they can. Every production environment, workshop and tool benefits from a regular service maintenance program and Star Fasteners can help out with that too. Our in-house tool maintenance and repair workshop ensures that there’s minimal down time and a quick turnaround for every job we do. We also have a large selection of short or long-term hire tools.

Specialists in the supply and distribution of Huck Fasteners, Star Fasteners are proud to be the UK’s largest Huck stockists. Working globally with a diverse range of end users and distributors from across a number of industries, offering technical application knowledge, customer support, and tooling sales, service and repair.

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