Global Contracts

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What strategies have helped Star Fasteners to become the global distributor we are today?

  • Over the past 30 years Star Fasteners have grown to become a trusted global fastener distributor. Working together with a variety of reliable package delivery companies and specialist transportation services, we are able to service markets around the world.
  • Star Fasteners web-site, cloud technology and an innovative workforce has allowed end-to-end visibility across our business. This enhanced visibility and collaboration across the company has given our customers the ability to check stocks, manage their orders and accounts wherever they are in the world.
  • Our agile and dynamic supply chain is continually monitored and adjusted to rapidly respond to market changes. We hold large back-up stocks so our customers can rely upon product continuity.
  • Our ISO9001:20015 quality management system ensures that policies and procedures are continually fine-tuned and operations are reviewed to ensure responsive agility to meet changing market demand.
  • Innovation is crucial for being one step ahead of the competition. Star Fasteners have many bespoke services that add value to our customers. Working closely and in partnership with our customers, we can help them achieve inspirational results and market leadership.
  • Competitive advantage and product innovation increasingly begin from the selection and management of suppliers and technologies. We work with the best and most competitive suppliers, and we partner with them to innovate and deliver world-class solutions.
  • Collaboration with our suppliers is a key part of Star Fasteners philosophy. We don’t just look at the product; we look at the overall system and how we can make it work for our customers and in some cases make it better.
  • Star Fasteners philosophy ensures that we seize opportunities and mitigate challenging events so that our business not only survives but succeeds!
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