Engineering Support and Training

Engineering Support Training


Star Fasteners engineering support services enhance customers experience by facilitating their productivity and effectiveness through training and customer support.

The importance of training your employees both new and experienced really cannot be overemphasized. Employees skills are an important asset to any organisation and training is a great opportunity to expand their knowledge.

Star Fasteners can either provide on-site training, or employees are welcome to visit our purpose-built workshop. We tailor training requirements to a business’s needs. This can involve taking training back to basics to include for example, fastener application knowledge covering specific fastener groups, right through to health and safety awareness.

Our team are experienced in working in production environments and understand the complications that downtime brings. Bespoke fastener / product training can deal with common fastening problems, correct fastener installation, right through to effective joining solutions. Tool maintenance training can cover how to check optimum air pressures, to knowing what to look for when inspecting installation equipment and preventative maintenance. This additional employee knowledge can then lead onto detecting and correcting potential problems before they occur, major downtime can then be avoided.

The benefits of training?

Consistency – A robust training and development program ensures that employees have a consistent experience and background knowledge.

Improved employee performance – An employee who receives the necessary training is better able to perform in their job. Training will give a business’s employees’ a greater technical understanding of products and processes and enhance their confidence.

Increased productivity – Increased efficiency in processes will ensure project success which in-turn will improve the company turnover.

Product innovation – Upskilling a workforce can encourage creativity and innovation. It gives employees’ the knowledge and expertise to make informed decisions and to understand fastener capabilities.

Strengthen the knowledge - Most businesses will have some weaknesses in their workplace skills. A training program allows a company to strengthen the skills that each employee needs to improve. Training ensures that all employees have similar skills and knowledge so that they can take over for one another, work within a team or independently.

Develop a positive health and safety culture - where safe and healthy working becomes second nature, employees work safely and without risks to health.

Enhance your company reputation and profile – Having a strong and successful training strategy helps to enhance your brand and company’s reputation.

Problem seeking should be part of a company ethos, when this mentality is passed down to team members you empower employees to innovate, be creative and become proud of their work. It is a win-win situation, they feel valued and the brand is seen as a trusted, market leader!

Star Fasteners are an experienced and trusted, global Huck® fastener supplier. We provide, innovative, quality solutions and work cooperatively with shared purpose and vision. For further information or to discuss your support requirements, please contact us.

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