The Camloc Grounding Connection from Star Fasteners

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The Camloc® Cam-Safe Grounding Connection is a unique system-based approach to provide electrical grounding in electro-risk applications, suitable for many industries including transportation, renewable energy and more. The system-based approach focuses on complete quality process by offering full process management, traceability and archiving from start to finish to reduce the risk of failure. The specially adapted intelligent tooling, a vast improvement on traditional installation methods currently available on the market, makes the installation quick and easy, and provides a true quality documentation feature.

The system comprises of:
• Grounding Studs
• Grounding Nuts
• Intelligent Installation Tooling
• Integrated Barcode Readers
• Software Process Management Tools

The Camloc Cam-Safe Grounding Connection system has been designed to be a superior alternative to current / traditional electrical grounding fastening systems, focusing especially on:

• Conforming to specified electrical connection with required ampacity
• Improved installation efficiency
• Advanced, fully-automated battery tooling solution
• Full process traceability
• Repair / maintenance solution

Camloc brings together 75 years’ worth of experience, traditional engineering skill and an innovative approach to produce our successful range of fasteners. Their comprehensive range of products have for decades been providing customers with effective, reliable and creative solutions for applications in electronics, industrial, transportation, green energy, aerospace and defence markets.
Howmet is the leader in fastener innovation, developing highly-effective and unique joining solutions.

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